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  1. You need to ask yourself whether you are ready to show your work to the public and whether your art has a value. If you feel it is marketable then chances are someone else will feel the same way. Today most visual artists have their own websites and show their work online. Many are fortunate to have set up varying distribution channels both in their own Country and possibly outside whereby their art is already being purchased for sale in galleries, boutiques and elsewhere online. Top Art dealers are the best people to distribute your art and Just Be Scene has placed artists with Top art dealers as well as galleries all over North America and in Europe. As art is truly a subjective field, you need to brand your look and your artwork so that people immediately recognize that it is you who did that particular piece based on your style. A good example of a branded artist is Brazil’s Romero Britto. His work is seen on place settings as well as in galleries all over the World. We can help you gain the contacts and branding ideas that you will need to secure distribution as long as you have the talent.

  3. Vernissage: A Vernissage is an amazing way for an artist to show their work in a public venue or art gallery. It gives people the chance to focus on your art, buy your art and possibly be further shown for days following the event. Just Be Scene has organized vernissages all over the world for different visual artists looking to showcase their work in local galleries, public buildings and elsewhere. We set up the venue, make sure that the gallery or whomever is in charge of the evening has publicized the event and all you need to do is to invite all of your guests to share in a special evening of your work. We invite local medias and art reps to attend, and many times it happens that an art rep will show interest in an artist and working with their pieces for sale. Wine and cheese is usually served and we help with all of the details and arrangements. You organize the guest list apart from our own invites and the gallery invites their own people and curators etc. Art wholesalers, dealers etc are invited to attend the evening.

  5. Online Presence: An artist in 2016+ needs to have their own website as it becomes their calling card to do business. Business Cards are so affordable these days to print and on the card should be your web address as well as any other particulars and a photo of your work. The website that you create does not have to be elaborate unless you plan on selling your pieces on your site, in which case you need an ecommerce set up as well. A website should include a BIO, RESUME OF YOUR ACTIVITIES, Awards etc and any other specific things that you can show your talent and your art.

  7. Ebay / Online Sales: Every artist should try to sell their work online as this would be further exposure and affirmation of their creative process as well as the gratification of selling pieces to people from all over the World. The pricing of your work should be reasonable and the more you sell will dictate your price point. There are many sites like ebay where an artist can show and sell their work. Top Galleries and Art dealers are constantly checking out these sites and many artists have found excellent distribution opportunities by being discovered on our site, Just Be Scene as well as on other sites where reps consistently visit.

  9. Art Auctions: Local and Online Galleries sometimes do Art Auctions where they auction off select pieces they think they can sell. This is why it’s important to develop relationships through your work as you never know where your next piece will be sold or by whom. Art auctions are advertised and visited by many and the results are usually impressive.

  11. Art Expos and Art Fairs: Some artists take their art on the road and sell their pieces in craft fairs all over the World. There is a circuit of these fairs and a booth can easily be purchased if this is a viable route for you. Many artists sell much of their inventory this way as well as online and it allows them to be active and get noticed by dealers and galleries alike. Art Expositions are also very common and can easily be researched online to see where the closest ones are to you. Art Dealers and Top Galleries frequent these places as well.

  13. Government Bids for Tender to Artists: Artists are also business people and they have access to tenders for government bids on art used in public domains. The sites are all over the internet.

  15. Top Galleries Who Exhibit Some Unknown Artists: Every city has galleries that show works from unknown artists as long as that gallery sees the value of your art and wants to exhibit it. There is no harm done in visiting galleries and talking to them about your work in the hopes of them showing it in their gallery. Relationships like these are so important and bring credibility to your work and the way that Art Dealers will see your work as well.

  17. Are You Good Enough? If you need to ask this question then probably you are still in the infancy stage of your career. Most artists are very confident about their works and they are also quite savvy as to its worth in todays market. When an artist starts to become recognized, their value obviously increases and their distribution possibilities grow as well.

  19. HAVE FUN: Artists need to be open minded and enjoy the process for them to grow. Being seen at expositions and art conventions are a great way for an artist to network and meet Top Galleries and Top Distributors. Have a nice package to leave with these people to take back to their offices and take their contacts as well to stay in touch. Send out news each month on activity and let them know that you are thinking about them as potential reps to your work. Staying in touch is the most important thing and you can do this through twitter posts, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts etc Use all of your Social Medias.

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