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Many creative writers are active on their social medias and members of LinkedIn groups and bloggers because they enjoy the process of writing and getting their works read. There is no doubt that social medias have become a very important tool and platform for creative writers of all genres. Yesterday I was on a site where sci-fi writers share ideas and stories with each other. Sometimes they even talk about having their manuscripts read by either readers from Publishing houses or by Literary agents, but most are self-published given that they can’t find a suitable publishing house to work with them.

The process is not easy however there are hundreds of readers out there as well as Literary Agents who only do this ! They read manuscripts hoping to find a diamond in the ruff that they can take to the major publishing houses for a book deal. These people are tough to get to however our team at www.justbescene.net has successfully put a number of very talented writers together with literary readers and agents who specialize in their genre of writing.

If your interest is to find work as a writer then I would suggest the following:

  1. Start to write free editorials for newspapers and journals. Eventually the editors of these companies will notice your work and want to work with you on a paid per piece situation.
  1. Use your Social Medias to let companies that interest you know you exist. LinkedIn is a very helpful tool allowing you to connect with specific people at these companies and write to them.
  1. Look on job sites as there are always jobs for writers whether it be scientific, advertising or other areas.. Maybe there is something you will find interesting, allowing you to make money while you are waiting for your first manuscript to be read / published.
  1. Many writers self-publish and sell their works on Amazon and other sites. We at justbescene.net have helped writers to focus on specific goals and achieve them. Marketing a self-published manuscript is the same as marketing anything. It takes savvy and skill to get people to see your product, read it and review it. Any publicity is good publicity.
  1. Don’t give up !! Stay focused with a few goals in mind for yourself and try to achieve them. It is much easier to connect now-a-days due to blogs, groups and other online opportunities where writers can discuss their creativity and business ideas.
  1. justbescene.net can help you get to the next level with your writing. We work with executives who have made their reputations in the business at some of the largest publishing houses in the World. We can open doors that would be closed and help your works get read and hopefully discovered so that you can make money with them. We are so affordable ! For $99 we will work your project for 3 months distributing it to some of the best eyes in the industry. All you need to do is visit our website and GET STARTED

Just Be Scene is a very powerful link between an emerging artist and the industry with which they are trying to reach. Our global contacts are some of the best in the industry and we guarantee you a view, a listen and the potential to make money in your artistic field. The doors may already be closed as most of these companies, independent producers, and agencies do not accept unsolicited material you have talent that you want to share with the world. Let us help you open the doors so that you can Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Discovered.

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