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Why You Need To Let Just Be Scene Make the First Entries For You.

You have just written the greatest song of your life; spent months creating your new amazing work of art; perfected and toiled over an amazing manuscript that took you more than a year to write and now instead of self-publishing, you want it read by a major publisher; you need a door opened to a modelling agency or talent representation; you want to put together a vernissage at a local gallery but need someone to make the entry and set it up for you; you want to set up a showcase for your band and have a few industry reps there to watch you … The list goes on and on !!!! These are all GREAT IDEAS !!!! …. BUT ….. You do not have the contacts yet nor the successes or credibility needed to convince others that you should be SEEN HEARD OR DISCOVERED.

Just Be Scene takes your talent, your wishes and we work with them to open doors and try to accomplish that first major entry into the business for you. We are connected to Major Record Labels, Major Publishers, Managers, Modelling Agencies, Art Galleries, Major Literary Publishers and Readers, and so many other important vehicles that can help you go from “A” TO “B” without the sweat, the tears, or the closed doors.

If you have something amazing to offer your industry, they will react to our team as everyone is looking for something new, undiscovered and great !! We will have helped you to move forward !!

The problem is simply that without prior credibility or a proven sales or track record, this will be like beating your head against a wall of closed doors and un-returned calls.

We use our social medias on our site as our TRANSPARENT way of communicating with you and letting you know what we are up to with your works. We are very interactive and want you to know every step of the way what is happening.

Are you tired of paying a site to shop your latest song only to receive an email weeks later that it was refused and with a lame reason or no reason at all ??? Does this sound familiar ???

At Just Be Scene THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN to you. We treat everyone as a professional and with the same energy and spirit to create a successful experience with us and to move you one step closer to a deal or to actually close a deal for you !!!

This is a “NO BRAINER” !!!

JUST $99 buys our team, our experience, our time and our energy for 3 months devoted to helping you! Where can you find this anywhere else in the World? With a specialized team of Industry Pros (20+ years experience each) we can do anything and we do it well !!!

LET US HELP YOU GET STARTED HERE: http://justbescene.net/get-started/



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