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In today’s social media driven environment, the way we work to expose your material is based on a few factors. Firstly we are all executives in our respective artistic fields for over 20 years each having dedicated our lives to signing and developing artists. We have a contact base that is extremely large and extends all over the World.

Each of us has seen huge and lucrative successes in our fields and we are now in a position to utilize these same tools and contacts in a collaborative effort that will benefit everyone who signs on to work with us. YES we are an artist agency; We give every artist the option to either conclude their own deals once we secure something for them, or we can step in, and for a reasonable percentage, do all of the work negotiating the deal on your behalf. Given our years of experience in dealing with these legal and artistic contractual matters, we are in a good position to help and serve you well by getting you the best deal.

Secondly, our database at Just Be Scene is visited daily by hundreds of reps in the Music Industry, Modelling Agencies, Art Galleries and Buyers as well as Book Publishers, Readers and Literary Agents who are all looking for new content and a fresh face for their next project. You are being showcased on a daily basis and we are sending out your material to the right industry reps, companies and agencies who can make critical decisions and sign projects or put your face in their next national commercial.

Lastly, for our GOLD PACKAGE which costs only $99, we work your material for a period of 3 months and service it on a daily basis to reps who can evaluate it and hopefully work with it. For our PLATINUM PACKAGE, we do the same but for a period of 6 months.

We are fully committed to your project and getting you SEEN, HEARD AND DISCOVERED.

There is no other company like ours out there and we are transparent in the way we work and use our Social Medias to make you aware of our activities as well as contacting you if we need more supportive material. We are there to do our best to help you succeed because …


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