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If you have already read some of my blogs you will note that I am one of the most positive people out there in the “Agency World” and have also been very successful in an industry that makes most people cry out of the frustration of not being able to open any doors or even take the smallest of baby steps forward. I am here to tell you that there is hope out there and that we can help you at Just Be Scene!! If you have talent and want to turn this talent into your livelihood one day then you have come to the right place! Our team is ready to work with your material and help you get to the next level in your artistic field and we have all of the contacts to do it.

Did you ever hear the expression that people help those who help themselves? Well I am here to tell you that this is one of the most important truths and it should be your mantra or mission statement in moving forward with your own development. You need to be proactive with your own career at some small level and do certain little things before you can have an entrée into the world of Agency Representation and creative success.

YES we have helped so many artists move forward in developing their careers however they did do some ground work themselves, so here is a simple checklist of what you need to do.

We live in a Social Media driven World, so before you go out and invest $$ in a Website, you should prepare ONE or MORE of the following social media pages, start to gain a social media following and then go directly to #4 which is to create your own website.

FACEBOOK ARTIST PAGE: No matter whether you are a singer, songwriter, creative writer, model or visual artist etc you need to start a Facebook Page so that you can be found by industry reps looking for new talent. They need to see links to examples of your work on this page as well as photos and updates on new things going on in your own “Artistic World”. This shows them that you are serious, committed and professional in your approach to your field.

Be sure to put as much content on this site along with examples of your most recent work as well as relevant photos etc YOU CAN NEVER PUT TOO MUCH CONTENT WHEN SOMEONE IS TRYING TO SEE WHAT YOU DO !

Youtube SITE: Musicians, Songwriters, Singers, Models, Voice Over specialists, Visual Artists should all have a YOUTUBE PAGE with videos of your latest songs, work etc. If you are a visual artist, then show your latest works or even a Vernissage or anything that allows Industry Reps to see you in a more personal mode and focus on your work and successes to date. Don’t be shy !! Let them see you for who you are and the talent that you want to bring to the World !

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter PAGES: LinkedIn is one of the best contact sites to the business world today. It is like carrying a business card on the net and other industry people can see your LinkedIn page and what you do. You can also post your resume there and this will act as further information on your career to date. You can also add contacts in your field and they will then get to read about you, so this is amazing !!

Twitter is a site whereby you can reach out to other people in your industry and they can follow you as well. It allows you to send brief messages to others in your industry letting them know what you’re up to and you can also see what they are posting as well.

YOUR WEBSITE: Finally you have arrived!!! Here is where you tie everything together on one platform that someone can go to in order to see your portfolio. You can easily insert your social media feeds including your Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn sites. Your website is like your own shop where you can even sell your creations if you so choose.

With any of these, you are now ready to move forward with gaining contacts and opening up new doors.


We know how frustrating it can be when Industry reps or execs do not return your calls or emails. It is the nature of our business; however it is also because you have no prior relationship with these individuals. Business relationships and trust are 9/10ths of the law in our industry and they take years to develop. All of our contacts are people who know and respect us as an agency and are comfortable with our recruitment process whereby we seek out talent worth development. If we suggest you to one of our industry people it is because we believe that they will like what you have to offer your industry. Many of our clients have developed strong working relationships with some of the best companies and individuals in the business who have helped them earn strong revenues in their industry. Will you be the next Just Be Scene Success Story?

Content is very important so post everything to your website and social media(s) as this way people can be updated on what you are up to. Also sometimes a company or individual is looking for someone specific with certain qualifications and you might have exactly what they are looking for!!!

When we receive your “sign up” which includes your BIO, Uploaded Material(s) etc. then we start the machine in process by circulating this to industry reps who would be interested in reading about you and what you do. From there, we continue a follow up and distribution process that takes around 6-8 weeks to complete. After which, we call everyone or write to them to make sure they have looked it over. Many industry reps write us as well looking for specific artist genres, models and other creative requests. Our site is visited by over 2000 Industry reps Worldwide.

Signing up is easy and affordable too! Just go on our site and click the GET STARTED TAB and you are on your way to being heard, being seen and hopefully being discovered. For only $99 we will work your material for 3 months and we will get results!

After you have come aboard with us and we receive your material as part of our GOLD or PLATINUM packages, we immediately put the wheels in motion. Our dedicated team starts to find the appropriate game plan to circulate your material and then we put the wheels in motion.

We have been known to circulate some artist’s files to over 1000 industry reps and our follow up is one of the best in the business. How can you go wrong when people in your industry are finally seeing what you do and have the opportunity to comment and contact you through us or directly. We open the gates and let integral players see and hear the latest talent that we have to offer out there and there are over 1000 reps that visit our site each month looking for new faces, new songs and so much more. Everyone needs content!

Don’t be frustrated with the nature of the business and let Just Be Scene help you open new doors and new business opportunities.

Steven Eisenberg



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