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Fine art has and always will be a subjective profession whereby the value of any one creation is determined by the artist or based on the value of select pieces that they have sold. More well-known artists are represented by big “Art Machines” and their works are sold in stores, online and in so many venues internationally. Word to the wise: You cannot enter the art market hoping to cash in. You will be looking to have people see a worth in your work or be willing to commission or pay you for pieces that you have completed. Here are a few ways that visual “fine” artists can market themselves and get more bang for their art thus increasing its value.

Create a website

Today’s social media driven art market dictates that anyone who wishes to create worth for their art must have a “calling card” or vehicle to drive people to discover their works. The internet is the only way that one can affordably market themselves to different markets and businesses looking to purchase artwork commercially or privately. It is also the only way to discover different “tenders for works” offered by banks and other establishments whereby you compete to get commissions to create works.

Let us create your Vernissage

Vernissage’s are also an extremely effective way whereby an Artist can show their works in a gallery that agrees to allow them to have a showing and sell their works. It is an event by invitation that is usually a wine and cheese with written Bio material on the artist as well that is distributed the night of the event.. Artists can get great exposure this way as well as sell some of their works. Galleries always agree to show the artist’s works for a day or 2 after the vernissage as well. Art buyers and Critics all look for these events so if it is well advertised, so many interesting people will come and check it out.. Especially if they like what you do.

Just Be Scene has set up many Vernissage’s for visual artists all over the world at very reputable galleries, art exhibition halls and Art Conferences and we have introduced visual artists to wonderful people who can help them bring their pieces to the market. These are industry reps that they never could have had entrees to without getting the door open for them. We provided contacts and helped them figure out ways to move forward and create worth for their art business.

Traveling Art Exhibitions

In the USA and mostly through the South and Southwest where the weather is good all year round, you can find Art exhibitions that come in for a week or so and then leave to other destinations. It is a lucrative circuit that many artists take advantage of. Just Be Scene can get you set up with a booth, contacts and everything you will need to enroll and be part of these exhibitions.

Art Distributors and Wholesalers

Just Be Scene has a list and deal with some of the best Art distributors in North America, Europe and Asia. We can help establish contacts with some of these trades people that distribute and buy art to resell it.

Art Galleries and Exhibitions

This is the more challenging side to art whereby we try to approach well known commercial galleries in different cities and try to get them to show your works and sell them on consignment. The better galleries are looking for names or pieces that fit their genre. Sometimes if you do a vernissage at a gallery and they see that you have sold a few pieces they will be willing to take you on as a client and sell more of your works.

You have so many options as an Artist how you want to approach your target demographic. Let us help you focus and work your project for 3 months for only $99USD. It is the best investment in yourself that you can make and we get results!

WWW.JUSTBESCENE.NET is a very powerful link between an emerging artist and the industry with which they are trying to reach. Our global contacts are some of the best in the industry and we guarantee you a view, a listen and the potential to make money in your artistic field. The doors may already be closed as most of these companies, independent producers, and agencies do not accept unsolicited material you have talent that you want to share with the world. Let us help you open the doors so that you can Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Discovered.

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