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Literary Agents and Readers for major publishers all need content, so if you ever feel that you have written a piece that deserves to be published, there are people out there that are paid to find and read manuscripts that are worthy of being published and promoted. We at Just Be Scene can get your work to them !!

No it is not an easy task to be a published author, but the only way to find out if you have the stuff that it takes, is to write and write and write. Any good writer’s best critic is himself, so don’t let anything go before it’s ready to be seen.

No one knows where they will find the next Harry Potter or Room, but it is out there and you may have written it already. There are specific readers for specific content and at Just Be Scene we source out the right readers or Literary Agents who would best suit your work. Sometimes it takes time to find the right person, as they are inundated with submissions, but there are so many out there, that we manage to find one who will best suit what you do. Essays and Short Stories are no different, as the best magazines all have their readers who look for content and usually tend to draw on more known writers for their content base as it is safe, however there is always room for a great story or piece if it is wonderful. Self-publishing or “Desk Top Publishing” is a way that some writers choose to release their work as there is no one telling them that what they have written is not ready for consumption or no one editing their work sometimes either. The more well-known publishing houses prefer to take things slower and need to know a lot more about the author as well as the work itself before wanting to sign a book deal. The process may be slower but the results can be huge especially if the book is reviewed favorably and ends up in a NY Times column as a noteworthy read.

Emerging authors all have the same chances at being read so let Just Be Scene help you get there. We want to work with you !!
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