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Some people confuse the words “Artistic” with “Creative”.

The definition and term “Artistic” is a vague and sometimes misunderstood word that would apply to anyone that considers themselves as an “Artist”. Again we would like to all believe that we have talents that lie well beyond our office jobs and that we were put on this earth to do other things than our actual work, however, in reality, few people ever get the opportunity to do what they want to do in life as they cannot pay the bills with their art and therefore cannot do this professionally. The “starving artist” is a common term coined to depict someone who would die for their art and in reality very well might. Artistic people are usually “out of the box” original thinkers.

“Creative” differs from “artistic” as it does not necessarily imply to original thinkers. Creative people are those that can create and modify ideas that are used in business and in real life, but they are not necessarily artists in their own right however the two words are commonly found together when they apply. The individual who developed a great ad campaign for a product is not necessarily an artist however they are definitely a creative thinker and apply this creative approach to business.

Being a successful artist does imply original thinking and creation. Being a successful creative person does not. (If you are a “purist” as I am)

Therein lays the problem of someone believing that they are an “artist” when they are simply being “creative” at what they do. For example a guitarist who feels that he is an amazing guitar solo artist may only be someone who can use the teachings of many great guitarists to sound something like that, whereas a truly amazing guitarist is original in their approach and creative in their playing and work.

The value that someone puts on your art in determining if you are in fact “Artistic” is determined by whether the gurus out there perceive you as either an “original” or just a “good copy”. This is why artistic development is so crucial to an artist as it allows them over time to develop an original style and brand themselves by what they do.

Just because you paint or write does not mean that you are an artist. Yes, you are definitely engaged in a creative process however the result may be nothing more than a carbon copy of something that you have seen or read and would not separate you from other artists who have that original distinction next to what they create. By not confusing these terms, you are saving yourself from a great deal of time and trouble in attempting to pass yourself off as an Artist or as an “Original” because people in your industry can smell originality a mile away and will pan your work as nothing more than common and having no commercial or artistic value.

The world of an artist is a harsh world of hard knocks and if you are in it for the ride you need to be patient and work hard to be the best artist that you can be. Destiny, Astrology and Serendipity are all going to determine your time to shine and as long as you don’t give up on the way to getting there, you might just reap the rewards of being an original artist.

At Just Be Scene we will work with you and help you in this important artistic development process. We will steer you in the right direction and let the right industry reps see your work whereby you can quickly grow and make money with your art. Everyone needs to start somewhere and this is how so many artists have thanked JUST BE SCENE for opening integral doors for them in their own artistic fields when most of these doors were closed to unsolicited material.

Our staff is determined to get you seen heard and hopefully discovered. We are there to circulate your work to so many possible reps Internationally that can work with people like you. Our contacts are global and we are respected by so many agencies all over the world for our ability to discover and promote new talent. They trust us based on these integral relationships that we have built with them over many years.

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