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We have long had the passion for creative artists and their quest for recognition in their field of art.

We recently helped a painter/sculptor from The Netherlands set up her first Vernissage at Akinci Gallery, a small but well regarded gallery only 40 km from her residence in Amsterdam. The artist knew about the gallery but never realized that she could show her work there and sell some of her paintings and sculptures. The gallery owner didn’t know much about her work and only discovered what she does by Just Be Scene, who contacted him and sent him photos and her Bio. The vernissage that we set up was a hit and over 200 people came from both her and the gallery’s contacts. She sold 4 of her works that evening. She provided wine and cheese to the guests.

The marriage was so perfect that now he is representing her for Benelux as well as France and Germany and she is starting to sell more work then she has ever sold before all because of 1 contact that changed her life.

At Just Be Scene we work hard and our experts know how to expose your talent to people who can potentially help you make money and continue creating. It is such a small price to pay for the potential you can realize.

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