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Why Just Be Scene Should Be Your Next Move Towards Success

Are you tired of cold calling Modelling Agencies, A&R people from Record Labels, Publishers to read your manuscript, or Art Distributors and Galleries? No one is returning your calls. The road ahead is not clear and you become frustrated trying to take the next step in your artistic field. Unfortunately, this is more common than not for artists trying to make it in their field. Just Be Scene was created to help you succeed in order to ‘make it and not break it’. This is how we can help.

YES it is possible and YES Just Be Scene can help you get there.

For starters, industry people rarely react to phone messages as they have their own reliable agents and contacts that they have dealt with successfully for years. They are inundated with calls, email and other communications daily, so they need a way to restrict access or they will go crazy!!! Our relationships with agents have been built over many years and have been and were established at industry events, by personal industry successes and word of mouth. They take years to nurture and develop.

At Just Be Scene we surround ourselves with successful individuals who have careers and strong track records and contacts within their respective industry. We as executives have all built special relationships over the years and we have all had huge successes in our respective fields. No we are not God, but we are damn good at what we do and can pick up the phone and call the right people and “influencers” in your industry.

Is that not an important and logical step for you to take when you have already invested and spent many years perfecting your art? I think so…. and especially when it is so affordable that it’s a no brainer. Stop trying to wear all of the hats in your push to become noticed as you become diluted and ineffective. It is time to delegate responsibility to others who can help you succeed. We are transparent and extremely focused on helping you succeed.

If you have the talent and believe in yourself, than we want to hear from you! Contact us and tell us your story and what you want to accomplish. Sign up HERE and let us evaluate your talent for FREE!

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