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So you did your numerous photo sessions, created your comp card and now you are ready and searching for representation and work in the modelling field. What can you do now to increase your visibility and create a more interesting portfolio?

Firstly, you need to understand that no one runs before they learn how to walk first. Even if you did a host of amateur runway shows and circulated your comp card to different modelling agencies, why should they look at you over other more mature established models? It never hurts to be diversified in your own field. Can you do voice-overs for commercials or did you ever act? These are things that work to your advantage when someone sees your portfolio. Create a demo reel of you reading different commercials. Try your hand at acting and going on stage to enhance your chances of a producer wanting to cast you in a commercial. When you do a casting call, you need to be a professional in front of the camera so you need hands on experience before trying to do this. Go to auditions that you can find on the net and even if there are 100 girls trying for the same small role in a commercial or show, you still have a 1 in 100 shot that they will pick you. No one is going to call you right now, so you need to put yourself out there until the time when you will have an agency representing you for work.

Maybe start a fashion blog and get others to follow your twitter and Facebook accounts and post pictures of yourself modelling different clothes in different settings. Develop a social media following as you never know who is looking or what they are looking for. Your parents can think that you are the most beautiful person in the whole world; however it is really all about getting credibility and having the right people looking at you in your own field that counts the most for profile awareness and eventual work. Being a creative thinker and a bit different in your look and perspective is money. Look at Lady Gaga. Her chameleon looks and fashion statements are so far out there that people can’t stop noticing her aside from her talent. If you had to choose the next Top Model, you would not be looking for someone who is like everyone else, you would be looking for a fresh face, a fresh approach and something a bit different that sets them aside from the norm of what is out there. Take a leap of faith and get out there !


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