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We always say to ourselves “wouldn’t it be great if I had someone to walk me through the hardest part of getting there in my career .. someone who has already done it, succeeded and is really in a position to help me”.. Well I did and I am sure you wish you had this special person too ! In our networking we meet a lot of people in our industry however it takes a very close relationship and someone who wants to help.. easier said than done.

When I was going through the mill (so to speak) I met a well-known lyricist who ended up collaborating and writing the lyrics to my song D’abord C’est Quoi L’amour for Celine Dion. His name is Eddy Marnay and he is since deceased. Well this man turned out to be my guiding light, my mentor, my friend in business and someone who I collaborated with many times over on some great hit songs. I was young and Eddy was much older and had already written many hits for Celine, Nana Mouskouri, Mireille Mathieu and even Edith Piaf !! He helped me by giving me guidance, contacts and hope that I was talented enough and that I was in the right business.

We all want to give up at a point as the business can be brutal and no one writes back or responds by email etc.. the nature of the industry.. but the further along I got in working with Eddy, the more I understood that it takes a lot more than just talent to make it out there!

The most important thing that Eddy taught me was that I needed to write and never stop writing as this was my calling card and my talent. Secondly, I needed to pitch my work and my talent everywhere I could because doors would open eventually. Lastly he told me that contacts are everything!

If I had a company like Just Be Scene to open up doors for me back then, I would have been much further ahead and much quicker. At JUST BE SCENE… WE ARE MENTORS and we help artists, models, creative writers and visual artists get to the next level by sending their works all over the place to great contacts and then we follow up with these same contacts. Our individual industry credibility helps you to move forward and get to the point where you can do it on your own!

When we find people interested in what you do, we connect you with them and let you continue the process. We also negotiate on behalf of some of our clients who do not know enough to get the best deal for themselves so we do it for them. We work on a commission basis for this service and usually make you twice the amount of money than if you had done it yourself, so a very worthwhile service!

Any artist has a mentor or someone who found them.. Justin Bieber had Usher, Linda Lemay had Charles Aznavour, and Celine Dion had Rene Angelil.


It’s so easy .. all you need to do is sign up at www.justbescene.net and press the GET STARTED Tab … We are transparent and very interactive with you on your material.

You will never be left in the dark on whether we are working for you. It is so affordable and for $99 we will work your material for 3 months ! How can you say no !

Contact us and let’s get the process in motion that could change your career forever!!!

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