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Getting into the world of Modelling is challenging however very possible. Most agencies will not take unsolicited calls or requests however at Just be Scene we have contacts at many great modelling agencies and have placed many men, women and children with excellent houses who have found them work and made them money as models for everything from Catalogues to National TV Campaigns.

All it takes is the desire to be out there and a “comp card” which is a card that every model has which shows their photos, their personal description and other important things that they need to approach the industry and a standard which every model uses. For more information on comp cards see this article.

There are many things we look for at Just Be Scene when determining what agencies we should approach for a particular client. Some agencies do more work with children whereas others work more with “plus” woman’s and men’s sizes. It also depends at what level someone is entering the industry. If they have already got a strong modelling portfolio then it always helps our case to get them representation, however we have seen so many cases where a particular client is looking for a specific look for a shoot and therefore it is more about being at the right place at the right time with the right look. The fashion industry is very very large and the type of models out there working is a complete spectrum of everything from high fashion to relaxed more contemporary looks. Some agencies write and tell us exactly what they are looking for. Agencies also frequently come to our website and look over our database of models.

It is sometimes intimidating when you read requests in the newspaper or hear ads on the radio for agencies looking for talent and then when you show up, you realize that it is a “come on” with fees etc which is not the way to go ! It is also very common to see ads or calls for a specific age or gender to do photo shoots for large retailers and other catalogs only to find out that when you arrive you are one of 300 that are trying to get the same work.

Agencies all send their talent to auditions for work; however the client has already seen their comp card and knows that he or she is somewhat interested, thus increasing the odds that you will get work. It is all about contacts that modelling agencies and advertising agencies have with industry and them doing the pre-screening, which their clients respect as being legitimate.

Going out and finding an agency is not easy however Just be Scene works closely with a few executives who have made their reputations in this industry at the levels of modelling and advertising and they are well equipped to take a file and get it to people who will listen and look therefore opening up the doors to potential discovery!

We also believe that everyone has something special to offer the industry and therefore we have a very positive outlook on making things happen. Our track record speaks for itself when it comes to success stories.

Models who go out and attend launchings for new products, book signings, or any event are there to be seen and hopefully discovered. This is not a bad way to network however the only problem with this approach is always a question of how sincere any individual they meet at such a function is to them and how legitimate or reputable they are as well. There are so many stories of people using their own status to create false hopes of opportunity to “would be” artists and models. This is a very common practice in this industry. That is why it is better to also have a company like Just be Scene out there too looking for the right agency or individual to represent you.

We are affordable! For $99 you can have us work on your file for 3 months and we give you lots of feedback from our social media feeds on our site making it a very transparent process. Let us help you get to the next level! Check us out at www.justbescene.net

It will be the best $99 you ever spent on yourself and your own career ! Go to the GET STARTED tab and select MODEL and then you are ready to inscribe with our service.

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