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Stick DJ featuring Lil’ Homie’s song, ‘Do the Shake’

Stick DJ featuring Lil’ Homie’s song “Do the Shake,” is all radio and now a gamer’s song. Have a listen to a great hit song that is crossing over to the gaming world, where radio songs meet video games. It was bound to happen and it finally has with ‘Do the Shake”. Creative genius at its best, with collaboration of video game craftsmanship by Wunderlust and talented musicians Stick DJ featuring Lil’ Homies song, ‘Do the Shake”

“Do the Shake” will be featured on the video game Wunderlust, which is similar to the popular American game “Let’s Dance”It also introduces a new dance called “THE SHAKE” Just Be Scene has included the song below, have a listen and do the shake.

The animated video is in progress now and has some interesting surprises in the content! The album features all new dances with Stick DJ feat Lil’ Homie and after the first video comes out, the characters will be well defined and appealing to teens as the subject matter is geared to this demographic. We look forward to the completion of the animated video and will showcase it on completion right here on our blog. Stay tuned.

If you have talent and a great idea about merging crafts like DJ Stick and Wunderlust have done, but don’t know how to take the next step. Contact us at info@ and visit our site JustBeScene.net

Give it a listen and tell us what you think, by leaving a comment below.

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