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So you think you can dance, sing, play amazing guitar solos, become a model or fashionista, write a novel or paint the next Mona Lisa.. Well I’m here to tell you to go for it and see how far your artistic development and talent can take you! At Just Be Scene we have seen doctors place songs, architects become models, secretaries become novelists and so many other interesting career transitions all because you have talent worth discovering. These are rare instances however discovery is a process and usually one is able to do many things in life before you find out what you were put on this earth to do.

We all dream of having our face or name up in bright lights or getting recognized for talent that we have, however the artistic process of “on getting there” is long and arduous and most people don’t have the time, patience or stomach to see it through as it takes years to develop. It is a daily grind to work your talent to the point where it can be commercialized by industry reps in your field however very gratifying when it does start to happen before your eyes!

I remember that it took me 9 long years to place my first song however when I did, it became an International Hit called “Could it Be Love” (Loni Gamble) and was licensed and released in over 20 countries with similar success internationally. There is always someone from your industry behind every success no matter the artistic genre. It takes a music publisher, modelling agent, talent scout, A&R Rep, literary agent or reader, art critic or music producer etc to find your work, your persona, your voice or your face and see how they can turn that into gold! Talent is discovered every minute of every day across the world. On today’s many social medias and platforms, talent is out there and being seen being heard and being discovered.

Here are the 10 mistakes that people make when trying to become professional musicians, songwriters, writers, models, visual artists or other artists:


  1. ONLY THE BEST OUT THERE SURVIVE : With such a huge talent pool to choose from you might as well make the assumption that you need to be amazing at what you do and that being different is always a plus in being discovered. Just because you see someone do something and say “I can do that” right away is the wrong attitude. You need to hone your artistic craft or look deeper in order to be someone that is of value to your industry. Clones rarely make it and the original is still the best.


  1. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO ? : Did you ever watch America’s Got Talent and see how hard the judges critics are on some very talented individuals either because they are only “good” and not “great” or “special” or because they are not talented at all and are making a mockery of their industry. That’s entertainment! You have to realize that in order to be in the top 1% of the people doing what you do, you need to be better than everyone else and you need to have your own flare at it too. It’s not good enough anymore to just be good at something. You need that “wow factor” as a singer, model, writer or visual artist .. and you can’t get that by twiddling your thumbs each day and hoping that these things will appear in your artistic development. Trying to be an artist means working at it every day and eventually one day you will open your eyes and see that something has happened and that you are coming into your own niche at what you do. It will have “YOU” written all over it and then you will be ready to take your talent to the World.


  1. FEAR IS NOT PART OF THE EQUATION: Most successful artists are fearless and believe that they are the best of the best at what they do. There isn’t the slightest sign of insecurity in their character and they are borderline cocky. If you think that you are not good enough then probably you are not ready yet to be seen or heard. So go back to the drawing board and continue the process! You’ll get there …


  1. INVESTING IN ONE’S OWN CAREER: Everyone needs to invest in their own career or they cannot grow. If you think that this is a free ride then you are deluded and don’t know that most artists invest huge time and money into their development process. A songwriter needs to produce demos of his songs, a singer needs lessons and artistic direction, a writer needs to write and this is a timeless affair, a model needs to continually keep themselves beautiful and invest in their look, their clothes and their modelling persona etc You need to invest if you want to be the best LOL!


  1. REJECTION REJECTION REJECTION If you are someone who cannot take constructive criticism or outright rejection then you cannot become an artist as this is the most integral part of artistic development. Get used to it !! Everything you are doing is subjective and there are so many opinions out there that it can become intimidating and outright mean spirited on the way up. Learn what good criticism is and how to become resilient to criticism so that you can grow. Do not take everything personally or it will destroy your morale. Get ready for serious rejection on getting there until you start to see the light and the color of their money.


  1. TEACHERS CAN BE FRUSTRATED ARTISTS: So you read that for $500 someone can teach you everything they know about how to be a …. And break into your industry ! All you need to do is pay and follow their advice .. BIG MISTAKE … unless that person is already famous and then it is a no brainer that you have found a true mentor. Most of these people are “come ons” and prey on your desperation to be out there and discovered. They themselves have never tasted success to any degree in their own industry and now they are teaching you how to do it! What is wrong with this picture? The best experience comes from working in your industry and eventually working with others who are already emerging and making it .. If you are good at what you do then in time you will be climbing the artistic ladder to recognition but nothing happens before it is time!


  1. CONVENTIONS HELP: Sometimes you see that there is a Musexpo or a Songwriting Workshop, or a Modelling Expo etc featuring many good keynote speakers and people who have made it in your artistic field. Spend the money and fly there ! You never know who you are going to meet at the event hanging around and ready to speak with you and some of these keynote speaker addresses are worth every dollar that you spent on getting there. Look them up online and attend one or 2 every year so that you can be in touch with what is happening in your artistic field. If you are a group or musician then SXSW or NXNE should be a must!! I attended MIDEM, POPKOMM, NXNE SXSW every year for many years and met tons of contacts in my industry there.. people who would not take my calls but now I was able to befriend them. Don’t be shy !


  1. NDA (NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS): Some songwriters, creative writers, filmographers and other people who create intellectual property, think that they should send their material out to whomever and wherever. I am advising you not to do that as it can and will be pirated. Today with the internet gone crazy, intellectual property is being ripped off every minute of every day and yours can be next. If you are going to send out a song or manuscript then be sure that you have something like a Non-Disclosure Paper saying that they will not use any of the content of what you have sent to them. If they cannot provide you with that then a simple email confirming that they understand that the material you are sending out is copyrighted and that they cannot use it without your permission. There is also a POOR MAN’S COPYRIGHT whereby you mail a song or manuscript out to yourself registered mail so that the postmark proves when you sent it and you seal the envelope so that a judge can see that it has never been opened or tampered with. Many legal cases have been won with this type of careful process.


  1. LEGAL ADVICE AND REPRESENTATION: YES if someone is offering you a contract then you need to have it read over and corrected by a lawyer specializing in entertainment law. This is the only way that you know if it is not asking you for things that you don’t want to give or not giving you things that you should have in the agreement. GET A LAWYER as they can also negotiate on your behalf if someone else is not there to do it and hopefully make up their fees by the amount of money they get for you up front to sign the agreement.


  1. DOING THINGS FOR FREE: As I wrote in another blog, it takes years to make it out there and on the way you will be doing a lot of freebies!! If someone asks you to write, paint, create, model etc and it is going to be seen by interesting people, then JUST DO IT !! You can never have enough exposure out there in the beginning and you need every credit that you can get.. so if your friend is producing a movie, then do the music for free.. you never know.. it may be discovered in some film festival and you will be on your way to scoring major films and TV .. NEVER SAY NO unless you see no point in doing it.

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