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Hi and welcome to our Artist Lounge!

Join the conversation here in the artist lounge and learn what is happening in the talent industry and how Just Be Scene can help you take the next step for success in your creative careers.

Let’s assume that you are already an emerging seasoned artist… and let’s also assume that you have honed your skills, done your time and are now ready to face the other side of the mountain which is to try to show your art to the world and turn your art into a business. One of the first things that must cross your mind would be what do I do first?

Let’s look at the first things you need to cross off your check list before going any further:

1. Do you have a website, YouTube channel, Facebook page or somewhere where someone can see your work or what you do? If the answer to this question is NO, then get cracking on putting one or more of the above together.

Your calling card…

2. What have you done on your own? Today’s artist is self-propagated and needs to have a plan as to how they see themselves in a year or 2 with their artistic venture. Whether you are a model, musician, singer, songwriter, creative writer or fine artist (painter sculptor etc), you should be building a portfolio of your works, jobs and achievements that you can neatly arrange
on your website or other social media site. This becomes your calling card in business. It will be your entrée into offices who may want to see your work or let other professionals see what you do so that they can see if you are of interest to them. The more extensive your portfolio is, the better chances you have down the line of being recognized and hired. Your best work will really only be seen once a professional likes 1 thing that you have done, which is where Just Be Scene comes in when we introduce your work, photo or other references on you to industry professionals. The more tools that we have to work with the better!!

Just Be Scene to the rescue…

3. Once we send your stuff out, we will let you know as things happen and will also give you feedback on our twitter and other social media feeds. Hey you may even be our Artist of the Month” and get further exposure on our site. We will not leave you in the dark, but please give us the necessary time to get preliminary feedback which can take weeks.. as these guys and gals are tops in their industry and also busy people and we are so lucky to have an open door policy with them to submit your material.

Wow… we succeeded with your work !

4. What happens if one of the Industry Professionals want to sign one of your songs, or hire you FOR A Dj Showcase or as a model to do a TV Commercial, or show your art in their gallery or even publish your first novel or short story? Well, that’s easy… we can either let you deal with the client directly yourselves, or we will represent you and get you the best deal possible with our 30+ years of business expertise in negotiations. We will take a small percentage of the deal for doing this but in the long run, you will get a much better deal.

We are Driven…

5. Our International team don’t give up that easily !! Rejection is the most common form of response in any creative industry, but as we have found out over the years, it only takes one producer, one gallery, one publisher or one booking agency to like what you do and the rest is history. The old saying is that there is a good home for everything good. A success would also be a door that has opened to you whereby they have some comment or critique that allows you to re-submit and try again with them !!

You have nothing to fear but fear itself…

7. Don’t be afraid – You have lived your life “out of the box” until now and are part of the unique artistic world out there.. you need to believe in yourself and that you will succeed in time with your artistic goals. Go full tilt into it and let’s start working now because there is a whole world out there and at Just Be Scene, we want to take you there and make you our next success story.

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