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What is an inspired artist?

I have seen and worked with so many young and older emerging artists in my career and everyone’s personality is different, however there are some common denominators that exist regarding their daily routines and activities which I thought I would share with you.

We live in a social media driven world out there and when someone in the industry wants to find an artist who is breaking new ground or amassing followers, they go to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter as these sites are breeding grounds for popularity. You might wonder how artists get such huge numbers of people following them and the answer is simply by them consistently posting new CONTENT.

A model needs to post her most recent photo session or modelling job; a singer needs to post new songs they wrote or performed on YouTube; a painter needs to share his or her work with other painters and a writer needs to create a blog or some page whereby people can read works they have created.

You might ask yourself “If I create, and post, will they come and find me?”.. Well the answer is not so easy, but as YouTube has millions of followers and the same goes for Facebook, the odds are that you will have an audience sooner than you think. Unknown or unsigned artists sometimes have millions of followers before an industry exec finds out about you and expresses interest. Justin Bieber posted a lot of his music before his fan base grew and caught the attention of manager Scooter Braun, who then went to some of the highest level execs in the music industry to garner a deal. Even Usher was involved!!

So how do you create content? Well that’s easy, as you are an artist. You post your work, your next creation and then you do it over and over again until you see that there are more and more people following you.. One day you will wake up and your YouTube or Facebook Page will go from 150 to 350 views and it will keep on going up from there, as usually followers are loyal and come back over and over again to see what you are up to. The word is now officially spreading.

Some bands and singers even sell their downloads and CD’s on their site and others create a fan club… trying to entice their next follower to come on in..

You can’t sit back and let things happen by osmosis as this will lead you nowhere. You need to be on top of your stuff, always trying to find creative ways to post new things and let people know how active and popular you are becoming. As a rule of thumb, if you are spending less than one hour every day on your stuff, then you are probably not an aspiring artist and are doing it more for the fun… which is also fine, but not the same thing at all.

To aspire is to persevere and to be passionate about your work. It is what makes up the essence of any successful artist and is ingrained in their personality. If you believe that you are the best at something, then you need to prove it to someone other than yourself. It took you awhile to perfect your craft and now you move into phase 2 which is to market yourself. The more you grow in popularity, the easier it is to be noticed, but the catch 22 is that it is not easy to be popular unless you work at it.

I like to think that I have a keen eye or ear for something artistic that is good or marketable and this is why I am able to take someone’s raw talent and promote it to others who have a vision as for what they can do with this artist.

You are an inspired artist. Now go out there and spread the word and let everyone know that you exist, as inspiration is infectious and catchy. Pretty soon you will be sitting on top of a mountain of followers who love what you do and want to see you succeed.

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