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When someone signs on to work with us, there is a process that unfolds like in any Agency or Creative Company. We sit together every Monday as a group. Some of us attend the meeting by Skype as they are in NYC, LA or in the UK, but we are all there to review the new material we have received and discuss the strategy of distribution to our industry contacts.

In one of my blogs I remember discussing that we are a team of 6 people, all who have industry career success stories in Music, Visual Art, Modelling and Agency Representation and Creative Writing (Publishing and Literary Representation)

Your Voice / Your Music: We listen to your music together and come up with solid ideas as to how we can get your voice, your song, your beats, or any music related “sign on” to Just be Scene out to industry people, Producers, Publishers, Music Supervisors etc who can help you go further in what you are trying to do in life as an artist. It is a “process” but we manage to contact many great people who we think can help. YOUR MATERIAL IS NEVER STAGNANT AND ALWAYS MOVING OUT TO NEW POTENTIAL DOORS THAT WE OPEN. We have set up great showcases for bands in Tx, Netherlands, LA and Montreal and invited industry people down to hear a set .. with remarkable success !! We have set up Dj showcases in clubs; We put singers together with Producers looking for a particular voice for their next project. For more info click HERE.

Visual Art is one of the more subjective fields and we rely on our contacts with art critics, bloggers, galleries and other amazing contacts all over the world who help us circulate your art and get your work and passion to the next level. We have already opened doors for some of our artists who signed on to JBS and we continue the process !! Our team member is based in the UK and is presently the curator for a major gallery in London. She has refined contacts with critics, galleries and many other notable contacts in the art world. For more info click HERE.

Models : One of our team members worked for years at the Ford Modelling Agency and she is presently representing the merchandising of a major star in the Modelling world, which includes a successful perfume and clothing line with her. She is connected to the global Modelling scene and has her finger on the pulse of the fashion industry in general in NY, LA, Paris, Milan and elsewhere. If she thinks that you have something special to offer, she will know exactly how to get your persona to the next level and will try to find you work in your field ! She is based in NYC. For more info click HERE.

Creative Writers: One of our team members is an ex Publisher who worked alongside Dell, Bantam and others for many years. She now represents writers, literary agents and Publishers alike and has been behind some very successful book releases over the last 20 years. She is based in Upstate NY. For more info click HERE.


Come on in and let us show you the power of what we can do for your artistic career.

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